About Us

Welcome to our store for the best e-cig devices and components. 

We originally started out in early 2014 selling our products on eBay and Amazon, where we built up a great reputation and received great feedback from our customers (which we have put a link to below for your information). Now we have grown and got our own webstore so we are able to offer our customers a better price on all of our products, as we don't have to pay eBay and Amazon fees so can pass this saving on to you but we still have Paypal as our secure and reliable payment method which you know you can trust. 

We buy our products directly from Kangertech and Aspire’s production facility so know they are 100% genuine. Most of their products come with authentication codes on the packaging which you can check online (please click Authentication in the quick link section at the bottom of this page to check yours). Some of their products don’t come with these codes as they have decided not to put them on the products which don’t have too much value like the USB chargers, some replacement glass and seals but we get these direct from them so can guarantee they are genuine parts.

Kangertech and Aspire are the leading manufactures of electronic cigarettes, their products are safe and reliable devices that have been through extensive testing and meet all current regulations for retail in the UK and worldwide that's why these are the only products we stock. 


Any questions about us or vaping in general please get in contact though the contact us page and we will be happy to help.

Happy Vaping from eiggs


See our feedback from our eBay account HERE.