Guide to Ohm ratings

Quite often we get asked which ohm rating when choosing coils is the best, well it’s not a simple answer but is easy to understand once you know a few facts about ohms. Most people assume that the higher the ohm rating the better or more vapour the coil will produce this is not the case and several factors need to be considered when choosing the right coil for you.
Ohms is a measure of electrical resistance named after German physicist Georg Ohm, in simple terms the less resistance then the more electricity or current will flow. So a lower Ohm rating means more current will be allowed to flow through the coil producing more heat to evaporate your e-liquid and in turn producing more vapour. But there are a few other things to consider when choosing the right coil the table below details the benefits and drawbacks of different ohm rating coils, the same effects can be achieved by using a battery with a different or adjustable voltage.

One thing to note is that to use a 0.8 subohm coil requires a high power battery that can produce enough current to run the coil.

We recommend and use 1.5ohm coils as these have a good balance between producing lots of vapour and still giving a long battery life but as with all things its down to your personal preference.

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