Here is a list of the products we offer with guides of how to use them and help to solve common problems. Please get in contact with us if your still experiencing a problem or have a question about your item.

Guide to ohm ratings.


Kangertech 1000mAh Battery.

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To turn this battery on and off the button on the battery needs to be pressed 5 times in quick succession (less than one second for the 5 presses) then the light will flash to show that it has been turned on.

These 5 clicks have to be in really quick succession or the battery won't read it and sometimes it might take 6 clicks as the battery doesn't always read the first click.


Kangertech Mini Protank 3

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Leaks from these tanks can be caused by;

  • Cracked glass tube of the protank. Make sure the glass isn't cracked or chipped. 
  • The top and bottom rubber o-rings on the glass haven't been put back in place. These two o-rings have to be there otherwise it will leak, the top one is between the glass tube and the top metal ring that contains the inner tube. The bottom one sits in the support ring and pushes up against the glass tube when the device is screwed back together. This effectively sandwiches the glass tube in rubber so its sealed from leaking at both ends.
  • The atomiser coil isn't screwed into the bottom ring correctly. Make sure that this part and all other parts have been screwed together properly.


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